S12E1: The Benefits of a Group Coaching Program

For a disability service aspiring to create a podcast, launching can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you find your service’s voice? What equipment do you need? These are just a few of the questions that can leave you feeling stuck.

If you’re considering starting a podcast for your service but feel unsure where to begin, enrolling one of your staff in a group coaching program can be your life saver. In a supportive and collaborative environment, group coaching provides not only the technical know-how but also the confidence and community needed to turn your podcasting ambition into reality.

Here are 10 key benefits of enrolling a staff member (or yourself) in a group coaching program to start podcasting the right way from the beginning:

  1. Conquer the Technical Hurdles: The technical aspects of podcasting can seem daunting. From recording and editing to distribution and promotion, there’s a workflow to learn. Group coaching provides a structured learning environment where you can master the technical skills you need, from choosing the right equipment to editing your audio like a pro. You’ll get hands-on guidance from an experienced coach and have the opportunity to ask questions in a safe and supportive space.
  2. Find Your Podcast Niche: Pitching your service’s show, knowing how to structure the episodes into a coherent season, all these things are much more quickly achieved with the support of a seasoned podcast coach and an enthusiastic, supportive group of peers. Group coaching can help you brainstorm ideas, identify your purpose and develop a compelling podcast concept that resonates with your target audience. Through group discussions and exercises, you’ll gain clarity on your podcast’s purpose, message and target audience, setting you on the path to creating a show that matters.
  3. Develop Your Hosting Skills: Whether you’re a natural storyteller or feeling a bit shy behind the mic, group coaching can help you find your voice. Through practice sessions, feedback from coaches and peers and role-playing exercises, you’ll learn how to captivate your audience, conduct engaging interviews and deliver your content with confidence and clarity.
  4. Overcome Imposter Syndrome: It’s common for aspiring podcasters to feel self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Group coaching provides a supportive community where you can connect with others who share your passion and challenges. Sharing experiences, encouraging each other and celebrating successes can help you overcome self-doubt and step into your role as a confident podcast creator. Group coaching is the number one way to see we are all imposters until we realise we aren’t. That speaking into a mic, with passion and purpose, is not just for those with years of experience but is a medium open to all with the courage to take that first step.
  5. Learn from Diverse Perspectives: The beauty of group coaching lies in the diverse experiences and perspectives each member brings to the table. You’ll learn from your coach’s expertise but also gain valuable insights from your fellow podcasters. This exchange of ideas and experiences sparks creativity, challenges assumptions and develops a richer, more well-rounded podcast and, more importantly, a more well-rounded podcaster.
  6. Network and Build Connections: Podcasting is not a solo journey. Building connections with other creators and industry professionals can open doors to collaborations, guest appearances and promotional opportunities. Group coaching provides a platform to network with like-minded individuals, build meaningful relationships and expand your podcasting network. Group coaching is the perfect setting to learn podcasting is a collaborative medium. I’ve never met a peer who wasn’t open to helping. This may seem unusual but not in this medium. I’ve never seen a forum where there was anything but helpful suggestions. There’s very little snark, none that I’ve found anyway.
  7. Stay Motivated and Accountable: Launching a podcast takes effort, persistence and dedication. Group coaching provides a structure and the accountability you need to stay on track. The structure to achieve your goals. Deadlines, regular check-ins and progress updates help you stay motivated and overcome the challenges that often arise when starting a new creative project. There’s always a way to find help, in a well run group coaching program. The library of modules, your peers, the group forum and the weekly meetups, hotseats or office hours all provide some way to find answers when you think you’ve hit a wall.
  8. Access Exclusive Resources: Group coaching programs often come with access to valuable resources, recommendations on equipment and software which can save you months of ferreting through YouTube videos, curated learning materials and an exclusive online community. These resources save you time and money, while providing additional support and guidance on your podcasting journey.
  9. Gain Confidence and Clarity: As you progress through the group coaching program, you’ll not only gain technical skills and knowledge but also develop confidence in your abilities and clarity about your podcasting vision. This newfound confidence will empower you to launch your podcast with conviction and share your voice with the world. Confidence learnt in podcasting is powerful. The skills, storytelling, public speaking, scripting and editing to name a few are transferable. Speaking with confidence into a mic transfers remarkably easily into work presentations, job interviews and pretty much any task requiring you to speak.
  10. Find Your Podcast Tribe: Beyond the practical benefits, group coaching fosters a sense of community and belonging. You’ll connect with other passionate individuals who share your love of podcasting, creating a supportive network that celebrates your successes and encourages you during challenges. This sense of community can be overstated.

If you’re interested, JM Podcasting Services offers a six month program to take you to the point of having your first ten episode season live and the second under way, if not actually ready to publish.

Drop me a line at jon@jmps.au and we can have a chat about your goals and aspirations. 

The next episode is entitled: Clearing the Tech Hurdles.

Thanks for listening, speak soon.