Workflow for a Monolog Episode!

This episode is all about workflow. In particular I’m going to focus on the workflow for a monolog episode. The interview and group chat workflows are just variations on this theme.

Everything you need to get your monolog episodes up and running will need to be applied to the other types of shows. The order may vary a little but the framework remains pretty much the same. Continue reading →

Advertising and why it’s rarely a good idea!

Advertising, cash, moulla, readies. All these can seem like a wonderful reward for your hard work creating content. But is it? Really?

I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks a few new podcasting networks popping up. The content I’m subscribed to hasn’t changed. It’s just that the podcast producer has signed up to be part of a network. Continue reading →

Telling the Story

Let’s start with a big one. Mike Duncan. The grandfather of history podcasting. His original show The History of Rome is a 179 episode romp from the mythic founding of Rome to the last emperor in the west. It is a commitment, but I’d recommend a listen to the entire series. Mike’s storytelling develops throughout the series. He brings in obscure points as well as the main narrative structure. Continue reading →

Storytelling ~ How to?

I’m going back to first principles. I find this a useful starting place in many adventures. Once we understand these principles then we can break the rules.

So not surprisingly we need a story to have a beginning, a middle and end. If that we all there was to it then we, the storytelling species, would still be not that far from the trees our ancestors decided weren’t the place to be. Continue reading →