Small Niche Audiences

This is, in some sense, the point of podcasting only more so!

Wait, what??? Don’t we need a bazillion listeners to a “success”?

We’ll see….

If we think of television and radio as broadcasting then podcasting is narrowcasting. Not everyone will want to hear what you have to say. Your topic will be of no interest. For those who do like your topic not everyone will take to you. This is a good thing. Continue reading “Small Niche Audiences”

What gear do you really need?

Oh this topic causes more “discussion” than just about any other in the podcasting sphere. That being said, these are my recommendations. Feel free to disagree, argue and contact me.(Insert smiley face here).

What gear you need depends upon what you are doing. A solo producer doing monologues will need a different setup from a vox populi specialist out in the streets. Or would they??? Hmm. I’ll get to that. Continue reading “What gear do you really need?”

When is the Right Time to Start Another Podcast

The big problem with producing a podcast is its addictiveness. It turns out there are more podcasts ideas than there are people on earth to either produce or listen to them.

Be careful. There is a minimum amount of time a single podcast will consume. As we start others that minimum time seems to grow, somehow.

But to the question: When to start another podcast? Continue reading “When is the Right Time to Start Another Podcast”

Competition in Podcasting

This title is almost an oxymoron! In all the creative fields where I’ve participated, there is a sense of collaboration. Perhaps film making is the most competitive but in all the others, writing, painting, music and particularly, podcasting, collaboration is the keyword.

The nature of podcasting is the point. We podcast into a niche. If we are in it for the long term we do. Even in the podcasts about podcasting, everyone in the niche has their own particular spin on the topic. Continue reading “Competition in Podcasting”