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Never Forget! You own your feed! (do what you want)

This seems a little self evident but it is often forgotten. The homogenising effects of dominant styles or technologies can cripple creativity. We need to be vigilant.

Way back in the deep dark past there were more than one form of operating system for PCs. DR-DOS was one. MS-DOS became the dominant form because of the size of Microsoft in the market. Similarly VHS crushed Betamax as a video format in the home. Mills and Boon have their own formula for writing romantic novels. All other types tend to not be as successful. Continue reading →

Continual improvement ~ How to.

What? It never ends? Exactly. A craft requires effort and attention to detail. I remember reading somewhere, an 80 odd year old violinist was asked while he continued daily practice at his age. He responded: I’m starting to see some improvements.

There are so many areas we can work on in our shows. I would suggest taking one at a time. To that end I’ll go through the areas where the greatest improvements can be made, generally speaking. Continue reading →

What if they don’t like me

This is a mindset issue. Do I have the expertise? Am I good enough? Will anyone want to hear me?

As it turns out, “YES” you do have the right expertise, for your listeners. No matter the niche, if you’ve picked it, it’s because you know something. Be it cake decorating or quantum physics or massage for horses, you will know something. Now if the niche you picked is based upon experience, your take on the subject will be of use, of value to some listeners. Continue reading →

Over editing

What the hell is over editing??? When we begin, we think and speak more quickly than is “natural” for the audio space. This is generally a trap for new players.

Guilty again. My first episode, recorded, edited and then forwarded to Rich for a listen. He very politely suggested that it was a little bit staccato. I waited a day, re-listened. It was choppy, it was like a machine gun delivery. Nothing like the flow of natural speech. So back to the recorder and a redo. I’m sure the second editing wasn’t that much better but it was better. Continue reading →